About Max.1nk

Max.1nk (aka Max Pfenning) is a weird artist out of Portland, Oregon. A child of the 90s, Max's art pays homage to the whimsy and eccentricity of the era's cartoons, infusing it with his unique perspective to craft one-of-a-kind pieces.

Max brings to life an array of strange creatures roaming through bizarre landscapes. His creations invite viewers to step into alternate dimensions, where reality transforms in delightful and unexpected ways.

Beyond the canvas, Max's personal life is filled with love and creativity. He shares his life in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Jaclyn, who provides unwavering support and inspiration. Their home is shared with two poodles, Rocko and Remi, and a cat named Lana, who infuse every day with an extra dose of craziness and energy.

In each stroke of the pen and every hue of ink, Max invites you to join him in emracing the art of the weird and wonderful. His journey is a testament to the power of unbridled imagination, a celebration of relationships that shape us, and a tribute to the era that ignited his artistic soul. Experience the journey, the nostalgia, and the boundless creativity through the eyes of Max.1nk.